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Được tin tưởng và sử dụng với 80,000 người dùng hàng ngày, chúng tôi đang dẫn đầu trong lịch vực email nặc danh với công nghệ thanh toán bảo mật, domain được công nhận và nỗi tiếng.

Điều khoản sử dụng

The 5ymail .com terms of use

My Anonymous Email .com
keeps the right to modify the terms of use without notice, including service subscription fees. You are therefore responsible for reviewing these explicitly dynamic terms regularly. By using the My Anonymous Email website, you agree to the present terms and conditions...

Personal non-commercial use

My Anonymous Email .com services are for personal and non-commercial use only. You cannot modify, copy, distribute, forward, display, execute, reproduce, publish, license, create by-products, transfer or sell any data, software, products or services obtained on My Anonymous Email .com without written consent.

This service is provided for personal use and is not meant for professional use without prior agreement with My Anonymous Email .com.

Links to third-party websites

My Anonymous Email .com
can provide links to third-party sites ("Linked Sites"). Linked sites are not under My Anonymous Email .com control and we are not responsible for any linked sites contents. The presence of a link to a site does not constitute approbation by My Anonymous Email .com of the site or any other association whit its operators.

No illegal or prohibited use

You agree that you will not use my-anonymous-email.com services for illegal or prohibited activity. You cannot use my-anonymoue-email.com in a manner that can damage, deactivate or overload any third-party website. You cannot attempt to access another user’s account without prior consent.

Billing Methods and execution of the contract

My anonymous email is composed of a free section and a paying section.

The free section allows anonymous email sending but does not offer extended features: anonymous reply, multiple recipients, attached files, … A publicity banner which can not be disabled also appears in the email sending section.

The paying section allows anonymous email sending with advanced features. The user can send a message to multiple recipients at once. However, there is a limit to the number of messages you can send in a day in order to block any spamming activity.

Advanced features of my anonymous email .com are in constant evolution and cannot be listed in this section. Go to the “Free or Paid Membership?” area to find out about all of them.

Access to the paying section of the site is obtained by a payment through a micro-billing phone system. The price listing cannot be presented here, but for information purposes, on 01/08/2010, the cost of a purchase in France is 1,80 € per call, or 1,50 € per SMS.

This purchase gives you access to the advanced features previously listed for a 30-day period. An account in which you can manage your anonymous emails, sent and received, will then be set up for you.

The purchase constitutes an acceptance of the present terms of use. The purchase creates a contract through which my anonymous email agrees to provide anonymous email sending services and all other features aforementioned to the extent of the technical means at its disposal. The contract is automatically cancelled after 30 days unless the purchase is renewed.

The contract can be unilaterally voided when a user does not abide by the present my anonymous email.com terms of use.

The purchase is final, as stated by micro-billing standards. There is no withdrawal right since the provided product is immaterial.

In case of contestation, error or fraud, … our commercial service will consider refunding solutions..

Use of the services

My Anonymous Email .com offers electronic mail services designed to allow you to communicate with other people. You agree to use Communication Services to send and receive emails and documents that are appropriate. For example, and this list is not restrictive, you agree that when you use My Anonymous Email you will NOT :

* Use My Anonymous Email .com for surveys, contests, pyramidal systems, chain letters, spam, or unsolicited messages (commercial or other).
* Defame, abuse, harass, track, threaten or violate legal rights (such as privacy or publicity rights) of others.
* Publish, display, download, distribute or broadcast any information that is inappropriate, blasphemous, libeling, obscene, indecent or illegal.
* Publish, display, download, distribute or spread any topic, name, material or information that can lead to discrimination, hate or violence towards a person or a group because of race, religion or nation.,
* Send or give access to files which contains pictures, images, software or other material protected by intellectual property laws, including, but not limited to, copyrights and trade marks legislation.
* Infringe copyright, trade marks, patents, commercial secrets or any other property rights.
* Transfer files containing viruses, trojan horses, worms, time bombs, corrupted files or any other software or program potentially harmful to another computer or other’s property.
* Advertise or suggest the buying or selling of goods or services in a business purpose, unless the Communication Services allow specifically such messages.
* Download a file sent by another communication service user if you know, or should reasonably know, that its distribution is illegal.
* Forge or delete any information regarding author, legal notice, label of origin, source or any other material contained in a downloaded file.
* Infringe applicable laws and regulations.
* Use, download, copy or supply (with or without retribution) to a person or entity any My Anonymous Email.com users directory or any part of it.

My Anonymous Email .com is not required to monitor communication services. However, My Anonymous Email .com reserves the right to screen documents sent to a Communication Service and delete any element, at its sole discretion. My Anonymous Email .com reserves the right to suspend your access to all or any part of its services at any time, without notice, for any reason.

In case of a breach of the present conditions, My Anonymous Email.com reserves the right to disclose any information deemed necessary to comply with any law, regulation, legal procedure or government demand, at its sole discretion.

My Anonymous Email .com does not control or endorse responsibility for message contents or information contained in any my-anonymous-email.com service, and cannot be held responsible for the usage made of My-Anonymous-Email.com services.

You agree that My Anonymous Email .com can establish service usage limitations including the limitation of the total number of days during which electronic messages are stored, the maximum number of messages that can be sent or received, the maximum space allotted to your account on our servers and the maximum number occasions or the maximum length of time you can access My-Anonymous-Email.com services over a given period of time.

You agree that My Anonymous Email .com has no responsibility or obligation regarding the deletion, failure or storage flaw of any message or any other content broadcast or transmitted by My-Anonymous-Email.com. You agree that My Anonymous Email .com reserves the right to delete any account that stayed inactive for a long period of time without prior notice.

Exemption from responsibility

Information, software, products and services included in or made available by My Anonymous Email .com services can contain inaccuracies and typographic errors. Modifications are periodically made to My Anonymous Email .com and the information it contains. My Anonymous Email .com and / or its respective suppliers can implement improvements and/or modifications to My Anonymous Email .com services at any time.

My Anonymous Email .com and / or its respective suppliers make no declaration regarding the relevance, reliability, availability, opportunity, absence of virus or other harmful element and the accuracy of the information, software, products, services and associated graphical elements contained within My-Anonymous-Email.com. All this information, software, products, services and associated graphical elements are supplied "as is", with no warranty of any kind, express or implicit. My Anonymous Email .com and / or its respective suppliers are exempt from any warranty. my-anonymous-email.com has no commitment to results.

You expressly agree that My Anonymous Email .com cannot be held responsible for unauthorized access to or the alteration of data, transmission, sent and received material or data, unsent and unreceived material or data and any transaction conducted through My Anonymous Email .com to a website or service. You expressly agree that My Anonymous Email .com cannot be held responsible for defamatory, obscene, offensive or illegal message contents or any other violation of rights, notably intellectual property rights. You expressly agree that My Anonymous Email .com cannot be held responsible for any content sent through My Anonymous Email .com.

In the limits authorized by the law, in no case can My Anonymous Email .com and / or its suppliers be considered responsible for direct, indirect, punitive, secondary, special damage, consequential damage or any damage whether it is damage for absence of service, ensuing one way or another from the use or the performance of My Anonymous Email .com services.

If you are not satisfied with some part of the My Anonymous Email .com services, or with one of the present terms of use, your only appeal consists in stopping using My Anonymous Email services .com.

My Anonymous Email .com gives no guarantee that the My Anonymous Email.com services will not be interrupted or altered or will be perfectly running.

Termination / limitation of access

My Anonymous Email .com reserves the right, at its own discretion, to cancel your access to all or any of the My Anonymous Email.com services, temporarily or permanently, without prior notice.

My Anonymous Email .com has no obligation to maintain contents or to forward read or unread messages to you or a third party.

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